Michelle May, also known as "The Crazy Bunny Lady," has been infatuated with rabbits and textiles since she was six years old. In 2012, after having worked in the business world for more than 23 years, Michelle decided to take a "hop of faith" and pursue her passion for designing and teaching full time. Michelle created Folk Art Fusion, which is a fun and whimsical expression of fusing folk art together, with the freedom of creating an art quilt. Through her business The Raspberry Rabbits, Michelle published her first Folk Art Fusion book "Fabled Fusions" in 2013. She also sells other designs, as well as kits and supplies on her website. She appeared in four episodes of the 1300 series of Quilting Arts, a national PBS television program. Her work has also appeared in numerous books and magazines. Michelle loves to teach and to inspire others with her "Play Dates and Chats." She travels all over the country, inspiring loyal friends and supports to tag along for exciting adventures down the rabbit hole. Her motto is "It's never to late to create. All you have to do is believe and have fun."